2017 GA Gallery Exhibition



Mother’s Day Cards

Bible Reading Bookmarks


Evangelism Flyers

Web Design Template

Jilu Books Store

Hand Drawing 1

Hand Drawing 2

Lost Sheep

John 8

Crown of Thorns

Washing Feet

Love Jesus

Logo Design

12 Month Meditation

Chocolate Design

Sunday School Sticker

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Photography 2

Photography 3

Photography 4

Photography 5

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Photography 1

Banner Design

Hand Drawing 1

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Chinese Painting Bamboo


The Way to My Hometown

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My Journey to the Cross

Creative Work

Mount Sinai

When I Was in Weakness God Still Shines Upon Me

Spring Series 1

Spring Series 2

Spring Series 3

Wallpaper Design 1

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Notebook Design

Rodemtree Pattern Print

Do Not Be Afraid, I Am your Shield, Your Very Great Reward

God Is Spirit, and His Worshippers Must Worship in the Spirit and in Truth

The Mind Governed by the Flesh Is Death, but the Mind Governed by the Spirit Is Life and Peace

I Can Do All This Through Him Who Gives Me Strength

If We Can See What We Are Waiting for, That Is Not Really Hope

Jesus Is My Joy

My Life’s Wishes, to Love the Lord More

Never Stop Praying

Your Young Men Will Be All Around You Like Dew on the Ground

Come, Follow Me, I Will Send You Out to Fish for People

WEA Brochure

YEF Web Design

OTM Brochure

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Evangelism Flyer

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Immanuel’s Got Talent

Elim Center

Grace Manor

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Lost & Found

Sitting Child

Intercessory Prayer Time


Girl and Cross

The Bible

In Prayer

Praying Standing

Grasping the Word



Baby Dedication Letter

Parable of the Sower

Revelation 7:17

Lion & Lamb

La Gran Llegada

When They Heard This Sound

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