Danielle White


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Crown of Christ

Matthew 27:29 and James 1:12 Christ took this crown of misery and shame, as they mocked Him and now He’s regarded as our Savior and our hope. This mocking crown became the crown of life. He has risen and as He bestows onto us the crown of eternal life.

Flowers Bloom Even in the Bitter Winter

James 1:2-3 I took this photo while it was still in the middle of winter and yet here I saw flowers still blooming. Even in the midst of His suffering and pain, not just in His death but in His whole life, He persevered and had faith in His Father and love for all people. […]

Fruits of Christ

Galatians 5:22-26 His life and His death may look shabby and weak, but through His fruits and the seeds His planted within the hearts of a few, many are saved and bear fruits of their own.

Heart of Flowing Waters

John 7:38 A small stream brings life to a dry and thirsty heart.

The Good and Narrow Path

Matthew 7:13-14

The Lion Rests in the Days of the Lord

Isaiah 11:6-9 No longer does the lion harm, in the days of the Lord, but it sits peacefully among the plants and shrubbery; even the green decorates the lion’s back in a symbol of stillness.